Blame! 46-17 copy

An ambitious Cyborg who plans on accessing the Netsphere through an unofficial provisional connection. She has discovered a level that was unaffected by the Governing Agency, and thus can use any normal human genes to access the Net through the Central Nexus. Because of her actions, the Governing Agency awakens two special Safeguards, Dhomochevsky and Iko, to stop her.

When Davine Lu Linvega realizes Cibo is carrying human genes, she puts all her resources into retrieving them. She succeeds and gains access to the Netsphere, although the Governing Agency distracts her by slowing the connection speed, allowing Dhomochevsky to kill him with the GBE. Before she dies, however, she manages to steal the Level 9 Safeguard data and transfer it to Cibo's body.