Killy alt2
Gender Male
Race Special Safeguard
Hair Black
First Appearance Log.01
Last Appearance Log.65
Status Alive
Allies Cibo, Governos
Enemies Silicon Life, Safeguard
Killy (霧亥 Kirii) is a fictional character from the manga series Blame!, by
Tsutomu Nihei.
He is a person with the unenviable task of finding a human with the Net Terminal Gene within the Megastructure to access the
Netsphere. He is equipped with a Gravitational Beam Emitter (GBE), a petite but powerful weapon capable of creating holes miles long in the Megastructure. He is soon joined by Cibo in his quest.

Looking to be in his early to mid 20's, he is a glum-looking person, never smiling (except madly when shooting on occasion) and has a slight slouch in his normal standing position, he isn't afraid to fight, and readily shoots the GBE. He also often shows superhuman strength and endurance, being thrown through solid walls and floors before standing right back up with no apparent injuries. The GBE is so powerful that he's flung backwards by its sheer power, often into walls and the ground, but he always gets up. Even in its lowest power, his arm jerks up and back from the force of it. During the encounter with the giant Safeguard outside Toha Heavy Industries, he fires at the Safeguard with the GBE at Level 4 Extra power level. The recoil from the GBE is so powerful that he is thrown back a considerable distance, his right arm badly broken and exposing bone and tissue. He heals very quickly, as well, recovering from more serious injuries much more rapidly than an average human. In the times when it's quiet, he injects drugs into himself in the forehead, and when he's low on power, he may inject it straight into his hand. He has an electronic connector to create signals to stop Builders and to transmit information from one person to himself, and vice versa. He also has no memory of his past, or how he obtained the GBE. Killy mistrusts Silicon Creatures on sight, and destroys them whenever possible; whether they are or are not hostile towards him or his objectives does not bear any weight on his judgement.

Volume 3 and Onwards
From Volume 3 onwards, it is revealed that Killy was not really human at all. In
her attempt to register Killy as a Safeguard, Sanakan, intentionally or not,
(re)enabled Killy's Safeguard functions. During the encounter outside Toha Heavy
Industries, where he was knocked out from using too much power from firing the
GBE, we see from his point of view that he can now scan for the Net Terminal
Genes automatically. Zuru asks him if anything is wrong, and we see his
viewpoint, filled with little windows and analyzing the eyes of the person,
along with other unknown elements. His response to her question is "I understand
what the displays mean now.", implying that he was able to see these things
before but didn't know what they meant.
This is where he leaves the room and immediately scans the people outside, even
Cibo,who is unaware of his change. However, he senses a strange reading from
one of them, even a small scan (possibly x-ray) showed up with a metallic
endoskeleton. It was Sanakan, as she was one of the Safeguard, she then
activates her functions and starts destroying things with her own GBE. He then
apparently 'rejects registration with the Safeguard', and Sanakan tries to kill
him, only to be defeated for the time being.
Another attack at the same place involved many Safeguard Exterminators, and one
large creature, who possessed a GBE much larger than Killy himself. After
shooting the creature with the GBE at full power (Level 4), it hit it, but made
little damage. He then later powered up further by connecting himself to several
of the now dead Safeguard he killed, to power up his GBE to Level 4 Extra,
blasting through the creatures own GBE beam, and destroying it completely.
Later in the manga, Killy is shown to be able to see objects as far away as
3,000 kilometers using his naked eyes. This contrasts his need for binoculars in
the volume 1 of the manga.

Killy's outfit changes five times throughout the manga. His first outfit is a
baggy, black jumpsuit. He later receives a tight, synthetic suit for his journey
with Cibo. Next, when he finds a Safeguard armory, he finds a synthetic and
moderately plated armor suit similar to that of suit that Dhomochevsky wears.
After losing 40.82% of his body mass, he regenerates a sort of natural and
advanced Safeguard armor which looks like that of the Safeguards' that attack
him in the final chapter. This is sometimes referred to by fans as "The Playford
outfit" (due to it reading "PLAYFORD" on occasional white strips found on it)
and is the final outfit that he uses. It features details derived of all the
others, along with something resembling a collared flak jacket.
Killy has been alive for a very long time; when he lost a large portion of his
body mass, it took him over 14 years to regenerate; a lift trip took a minimum
of 33 days. Tsutomu Nihei has stated that Killy is over 3000 years old and his
memory loss is merely a side-effect of his aging.
Eventually, he reaches the edge of the city with the Net Terminal Gene carrier,
and in the last frame of the manga, he is shown to be alive and well, firing his
gun past the camera, with the Net Terminal Gene carrier behind him, clothed in
protective gear against the poison the Silicon Creatures introduced.
[edit] Gravitational Beam Emitter
The Gravitational Beam Emitter is a fictional gun used by Killy in the manga
series Blame! and NOiSE by Tsutomu Nihei. It is also known as the Graviton Beam
Emitter or the Graviton Radiation Projector.
Killy aiming the GBE at an enemyKilly doesn't recall the origin of the weapon,
though it is the only perfected GBE that can sustain such a high output for long
periods. The weapon fires a highly condensed energy beam, which can repel beams
from other weapons (seen in the Corporation against the Guardians).
The weapon draws its power directly from the user, meaning it has unlimited ammo
so long as the user has power. Inside Toha Heavy Industries, where the Safeguard
aren't allowed access, Ivy (one of the Silicon Creatures) states that 'the
weapons of the Safeguard are disabled', so the GBE is not permitted to work.
This also happens in the alternate universe inside the Gravity Furnace. Later,
when Killy meets Dhomochevsky, Iko manages to stop the power of the GBE for a
split second, giving Dhomochevsky an advantage in firing his own weapon. Iko
calls the GBE a 'Class 1 Critical Effect Weapon'.
Whenever Killy loses the weapon, he always makes a point of getting it back. In
addition, he refuses to let anyone else fire the GBE. The weapon is extremely
resistant to external damage, to the point of being able to survive submerging
in a lava flow (following the destruction of Davine Lu Linvega's NetSphere connection point).

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