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Sanakan (Sana-Kan) is first seen as a short, young girl with black hair who finds Killy and Cibo in a tunnel after they pierce the impenetrable Megastructure layer with the GBE.

Killy later discovers her true nature and she reveals herself as a level 6 Safeguard with a GBE similar to Killy's. At first, Sana-Kan behaves like any Safeguard intent on annihilating all humans without the Net Terminal Gene. This changes however, when she becomes a representative of the Governing Agency with the task of retrieving Cibo, who at that time becomes the illegal level 9 Safeguard unit. At this point, she adopts a more protective role.

Sana-Kan's physical body was destroyed twice in the line of duty: the first time, in order to destroy the Toha Heavy Industries' Central AI; the second time, while protecting Cibo from Silicon Creatures. She finally dies when she sacrifices herself in order to save Killy and the globe that Cibo carried from an Exterminator. Sana-Kan has been the second "mother" of the child with the net terminal genes, along with Cibo, who was carrying the globe with the embryo. There is, however, a popular theory pieced together from fan forums that Susono Musubi from NOiSE is somehow closely associated with Sana-Kan.

Susono Musubi was a human during Netsphere's Beta phase, she was then captured and modified into a Silicon Life-form. The transformation was issued by the Netsphere officials (later the powerless Governing Body) thus the technologies were complete and superior in comparison to the Silicon creatures' knowledge from hacking the Netsphere archives. This is evident in both appearance and functionality. Netsphere body modifications enable the manifestation to maintain the outer appearance of human and self-repairing capabilities while illegitimate Silicon creatures do not.

Susono was one of the first original Safeguards deployed by the Netsphere to stop hacking attempts and annihilate illegal Silicon Creatures made from stolen Netsphere technologies. The Netsphere was originally designed to be a dream-realisation machine for the good of mankind, as it grants the registered End-User access to God-like privileges, but it was perverted by the Society Elites who thirst for more power and longevity. Later overwhelmed by hacking attempts from rebel groups, activists and profit-oriented criminals, the Netsphere crashed and went into Self-protective overdrive, that rejected its terminal authentication and stopped issuing new End-user licenses altogether.

Susono's profile withheld in the Netsphere library became the Template that materialised into Sana-Kan, a sleeper type Safe Guard placed close to Toha Heavy Industries in order to sabotage the truce treaty Toha signed with the Netsphere. Since Susono was a Safe Guard before the Netsphere-crash, her digitized data was not categorized under normal Safe Guard groups. This is why Sana-Kan is the only Safe Guard within the Netsphere that the Governing Body had the administrative power to overwrite her old orders and assign her the new mission to protect Cibo. This could explain the sudden shift in Sana-kan's stance.

The Safeguards have a mission to serve and protect true humans. This causes Sanakan to protect Cibo when Cibo is carrying the embryo which has true human DNA.

The Template theory also made sense of Cibo and Sana-Kan's Netsphere accessible embryo. Susono's DNA data from the Netsphere Archive is the only profile with an End-User license, combined with access privileges provided by Lv9 Safe Guard Cibo to by-pass Netsphere firewalls, their embryo could potentially connect to the Netsphere and order The City to stop expanding and reset the Netsphere Alarm Status.

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